PERREAULT Magazine OCT | NOV 2015 - Page 89

The more conscious and aware we are to the illusions of the hologram and direct our focus to the Truth of our Wisdom, the higher our vibrational frequency becomes.

Victim-consciousness is quickly being replaced by the realization that there is a connection between our awareness of choice and the manifestation of our experience. Rising to a higher vibrational level, beyond the dense grounds of the cellular structure we were born into, frees the physical body of the low-density vibrational residue we carry. These dense vibrational frequencies can be described as suppressed, yet to be processed, traumatic experiences associated with a “story” that we believe as true, creating the mind-made illusion of fear, guilt, grief, shame, embarrassment, resentment or anger. They compromise our immune system and overall well-being.

Living In Freedom

Releasing the energy charge carried by cellular low-density frequencies and ancestral patterns is more than forgetting or erasing negative painful memories. Transform perceptional illusions and debilitating stories into Awareness and Wisdom by the simple step of becoming conscious of the “Gem” that the experience affords you. Observe the experience from a “Higher” perspective, through “God’s Eyes,” if you will. The resulting insights will free you to experience Joy in the present moment of “Now.”

When epigenetic frequencies harmonize with the energies of our environment, we manifest our intent and will it into form. The reality we experience is a force field that is constantly in motion, ever-shifting in response and lived as “Freedom.”

Embracement of Perfection

Purification of our physical form is the single most significant activity to focus on. Heart-Centered intention behind choice in our life is where all true healing takes place. Molecular changes are triggered energetically as a result of frequency changes at mass consciousness levels as well as individual and personal choices. Trust your “inner experience” as your own truth. This may “defy logic” or the basic ground rules you were conditioned to believe. Your work is easy: Be in the awareness of the present and allow heart-centered connectedness to be your inner guide. Welcome the information that surfaces from the depths of your cells and treat it with love, compassion and the embracement of your perfection.

“Love Is The Only

Proof Of Reality”

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