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The Essense of Our Future

Information imbedded in our cells as “vibrational sound bytes” activate our DNA to turn “on” or turn “off” functional communication to our cells. The importance of this evidence plays an integral part in the Science of Epigenetics. The vibrational signals, coming from sources above or outside of our cell walls, are considered to be “epigenetic influences” that affect the expression of our DNA. Our current generations’ epigenetic frequencies play a major role in the development of our children’s civilizations and that of future generations. Here lies the essence of “Cellular Inheritance.” Perceived information, stored in our cells from our past experiences, ancestral heritage and even previous lives can be passed down to future generations in the form of epigenetic tags that influence behavior and well-being.

Research into the nature of DNA reveals our cellular inheritance has important implications in how we show up in the present. Only by being consciously aware of our inner programing can we shift and change the patterning of these influences.

Our Cells Remember

Every cell in our body has the ability to remember information from the beginning of our evolution right up until our present life. Cells are constantly updating and transmitting in the form of vibrational signals. In this vibrational encoding lies the key to the physical and metaphysical transformation happening

currently on the planet.

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