PERREAULT Magazine OCT | NOV 2015 - Page 86

The Epigenetics of Cellular Inheritance


Science confirms that we live in a Holographic Universe. Everything is interconnected through Universal Consciousness and holds the entirety of the illusion in a third dimensional reality. The complete "blueprint" for our existence is eternally accessible, contained in each and every one of our cells. We are a whole, holistic being, verses a sum of our parts. Our hologram was designed to require "energetic" nourishment, of which the most essential is the vibrational frequency of Love. To live and thrive, our cells need to bathe in this healing energy. All conscious changes made directly to our body-mind-spirit hologram have a profound and accelerated effect in healing. Literally, it is Love that gives your cells life.


Perreault Magazine - 86 -

the science of


Epigenetic Therapist

by Steven Mana Trink