PERREAULT Magazine OCT | NOV 2015 - Page 61

That is an incredible way for them to build their confidence which will give them the skills to lead them to a more successful life. As a child, music transported me out of my own situation into a world of positive vibrations and life changes. In the Sixties, music was the platform for social change with the freedom movement and Martin Luther King.

We still believe in the power of music to bring people together. Everyone has the universal tone within them.

BP: A Man With A Cause:

The future of the Milagro Foundation and its mission

How will the Milagro Foundation continue to create a space for young children in which they can pursue their dreams and creative visions? (ex: its growth, future)

CS: Synergy creates energy. For me, it's important to utilize the energy that people give to me. Some call it money – I call it 'energy' – and share it with the children all over the world. This energy allows us to open our hearts to so many in need.

As Milagro continues to grow and help children around the world, we hope to convey the message that everyone is significant and meaningful and that they matter. Once you believe you are a beam of light that comes from the mind of God, you will carry yourself differently.


What would you like to tell our readers to inspire them to ‘get involved’?

CS: As I stated before, you are significant, you are meaningful, you matter, and you can make a difference in the world. There is no greater reward than working from your heart and making a difference in the world. I invite you to look in the mirror and say, ‘I matter… I am not a victim.’

Don’t ever think like a victim. It’s boring, and it’s crowded. God gave you a universe of possibilities.

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