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BP: Milagro means…

Milagro means “miracle.” The very concept of a miracle implies a distinction between the natural and the supernatural. The term miracle is also used in non-theological contexts: ‘the miracle of birth’. Whichever way we choose to use the term, children are little miracles, wouldn’t you say?

What led you to create a foundation and why did you name it ‘milagro’?

CS: Since the Sixties during the consciousness revolution, we were doing benefits in San Francisco and since then helping people in need all over the world. We realized that we could not help everyone, no matter how noble or just the cause was, but we wanted to be of service to life, people and the planet. We decided that helping children was going to have an incredible impact on our future. So the focus of the Milagro Foundation is to support children around the world in the fields of health, education and the arts.

Milagro means miracle and we believe that children are miracles in our lives and hold the key to bettering our world.

BP:“Love Grows Kids”

At a recent *Child Permanency Symposium, I heard someone say “Love grows kids”. Indeed, there is nothing but love to guide and protect our children.

As I know this statement resonates with who you are, would you please share your thoughts on love and how loving our children affects their entire life?

CS: When I was a child, we did not have the tools and skills that parents have today but we did have love. The love between my parents and among my brothers and sisters is what carried us through the hard times. That love is what made me who I am today. I truly believe that each child’s soul is the seed that contains light and love. By investing patience, compassion, kindness and gentle wisdom, each child will bear the fruit of divinity.