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Shell has pulled out of the Arctic

“for the foreseeable future.

This is a HUGE victory and it’s all because of all of us, who raised our voice! Shell had a budget of billions, but we had a movement of millions. People all around the world took action against Arctic drilling. So, whether we spread the news in our own community, petitioned President Obama, took to the water in kayaks or canoes, or rappelled from bridges, today we’ve made history — and today we should celebrate!

As our mission continues, we are inviting you to take action and support a cause, support environmental campaigns, reduce your energy consumption and incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. You may create your own movement, or join a movement and take action.

A unique effort can indeed lead to a global success.

Share your discoveries, share your knowledge.

Be inspired! Get involved!

Our voices matters, our signatures count.


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