PERREAULT Magazine NOV | DEC 2016 - Page 71

Fast-forward to eight years later, and Sarah has traveled the world, meeting with leaders and distributing upwards of 700,000 Wonderbags across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Her goal is to sell 100 million Wonderbags worldwide. She’s on her way to accomplishing that, mostly because she has the help of other women entrepreneurs, who are selling Wonderbags in their local markets. Sarah has turned a life-saving product into an entrepreneurial endeavor that has broad economic implications across the world. It goes back to the thinking that we can absolutely make money while saving lives. Through one simple product, Sarah is employing a global eligible workforce AND improving the mortality rate. Wonderbag has been an incredible domino effect, and it’s one that Dell supports through the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network.

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