PERREAULT Magazine NOV | DEC 2016 - Page 56

SK: What are your final words for the PERREAULT readers?

EH: Find your own peace and listen to be guided to your purpose-filled life.

SK: What about the latest news?

EH: Brian Sebastian, international correspondent for the Hollywood Film Festival and CEO Brad Parks will announce globally on November 15th the purpose of "The Virtual Realities of Gender Empowerment." I will be one of the women honored on December 3rd at the historic Roosevelt Hotel. My film trailer, "The Last Ride" based on my true novella "The Last Christmas Ride" will be presented at the festival. This will also be the launch of selected women in films and/or documentaries that teach lessons to our next generation on how to pay life forward. Please visit my websites to learn more about the Edie Hand Foundation and Genuine Pearl Girls.

SK: Congratulations on the Golden Spirit Award presented by Dave Valentino, the founder of the Golden Spirit Awards.

EH: I will be presented with the "Golden Spirit Award" like the one I received in Hollywood this past fall with Jerry Schilling for my cousin Elvis Presley. I will then present the award to Graceland on November 5th In Memphis, TN. The award will be displayed in Elvis' trophy case.

To learn more about Hollywood film festival events coming up in April 2017, watch for posts at and at my personal site at

I learned so much from Edie that day.

Photo credit: Josh Fogel, Los Angeles.