PERREAULT Magazine NOV | DEC 2016 - Page 55

This is how with the help of my co-author Don Keith (Penname: Jeffrey Addison) “The Last Christmas Ride” was born.

Edie stops to think for a moment.

It’s still hard. I remember my Grandma Alice’s words. She would say that while our rides through life included rough spots, we could do good along the way if we live by faith and rely on our families. When I close my eyes, I can still see my brothers on those rides and hear my grandmother’s encouraging me to do hard things and turn them into beautiful situations.

SK: This documentary film is a tribute to your brothers and Grandmother Alice Hood-Hacker?

EH: It’s my promise to Terry. And I kept the promise. It’s a story of my love for my three brothers who had not realized their dreams. But you see, they were helping me find my purpose in life. I believe in my last season in life, I am to an encourager to others.

SK: Your grandmother, Alice, shared many pearls of wisdom. What was the most essential one for you?

EH: That’s a good question. I was privileged to learn a lot of things from her not only about boys, but also about my career. She taught me to be real. She and my mom, Ripple Sue, gave me the book "The Velveteen Rabbit."

Edie pointed to the book at the top of

her bookshelf.

EH: It’s a story about a stuffed rabbit that wants to become real. The moral of the story is if you love something for a long time it can become real in your heart. The book means a great deal to me.

SK: Your biography is longer than my arm. Among the many things you've done, you played “Pearl” in a series of Carl Cannon TV Commercials, owned a successful ad agency for thirty-two years, hosted National TV and Radio Talk Shows, published over twenty books, and founded the Edie Hand Foundation, which benefits two children’s hospitals. You've had a remarkable career.

EH: So far, I've lived a blessed, challenging, and adventurous life, but I wish I had done better in the role of wife. You see my first life was work, and it cost me a lot. I have one son, Linc Hand, who is an actor in Hollywood. I am proud to see his acting and personal dreams come true. He starred in the documentary film as the narrator. Being a mother is my greatest accomplishment.

She paused.

At this point in my life I want to inspire and share my lessons from love because my story is everyone's story. Grandma Alice and Elis told me that I was special and recognized my gift to inspire people. My brothers gave me an added purpose. Remember that we all have grit to do hard things and turn them into beautiful things.