PERREAULT Magazine NOV | DEC 2016 - Page 21

Starting at the age of 10, with fervor and determination, Malala campaigned for the rights of girls to receive an education. Using a pseudonym, she wrote a blog for the BBC. The blog detailed her life under Taliban rule and her views on promoting education for girls. It is her hope that one day all children will receive the same amount and quality of education, and that girls’ education will no longer be left behind as an afterthought.

In 2009, Malala’s focus was to become (became becoming) an education activist. Malala shared her father’s passion for learning and loved going to school. (In 2009, as) Malala was 10 years old then, and as the Taliban’s hold on Swat intensified, Malala began writing the blog for the BBC Urdu service (Pakistani branch) about fears that she and her classmates shared about their school and education. These fears included her school being attacked and the increasing military activity in Swat.

As this went on, television

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were banned.