PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 79

From my 25 years with HeartMath, I had become convinced that every human being has enormous capacity to change our thinking, change our emotions, and change our physiology and it had everything to do with energy, and therefore vibration. Now I had a new vehicle to help me actually do it. Creatively.

Vybrato is a media and mentoring company designed to integrate new tools from the arts, science, and business to change the world. Why play small when we’ve got a whole world that needs love, care and practical solutions. Vybrato is a big playground for me and my friends.

Founder and CEO, Vybrato Group

Adjunct Faculty, Stanford University

Senior Advisor and former CEO, HeartMath

Follow what makes your heart sing and create to your heart’s content.

The world needs more creators!

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