PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 63

The Celebration of Life

It is evident that the lower density of energy frequencies associated with the stories and the illusions of your thoughts compromise your immune system and affects the vibrancy of your life. When you are focused from a vantage point of Trust, Compassion, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Passion or Love, which are higher levels of frequency that come from beyond the mind, you experience the Celebration of Life. These higher frequencies communicate to your genes and DNA data that is healing and nurturing; information that contributes to your over all state of well-being. The expression of your DNA and its communication with the cells in your body are primarily determined by these frequencies.

Your life as you once knew it is changing and it is time to awaken to the integral part you play in the journey you have chosen to take in the evolution of Mankind. Coming from the perspective of “I AM, therefore I Think” you have a responsibility to be conscious of your thoughts and make choices that only your Heart knows to be True. It is the way to energetically detach from your stories, so you can live in the Present Moment of Harmony, Balance and Joy.

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Steven “Mana” Trink

Epigenetic Therapist

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