PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 61

The minds power to create associations is important. It is the way we make sense of reality as human beings. We collect identities, I, ME, MINE, based on the ego-mind's function to possess and control. The ego wants us to identify and believe that we are our minds.

The ego-mind’s focus of “I” is always attached to the end result of its’ narratives: I am a happy person, or I am a sad person; I am a success, or I am a failure. But often we are unaware that hourly, daily and routinely we generate, live and own the stories and the false identities of the illusion. In the firm allegiance to our mind’s perceived reality we lose sight of the grander picture, the Reality that lies in the Wisdom and Truth of the Heart, instead of the illusions the mind weaves that ultimately creates disharmony and disease.

The Building Block of DNA

Consciousness is a space that houses Universal Intelligence, permeating and encompassing all life. It provides the background matrix for the architecture of our DNA. ” Dr. Robert Lanza, in his book: Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe , maintains that consciousness itself is the predominant binding force for the whole Universe. When you take away the egos-minds perspective of who you “think” yourself to be, what is left?

In the discovery that life itself is consciousness,

you recognize the truth of yourself as

“I AM“

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