PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 60

Perreault Magazine - 60 -

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We are a symphony of frequencies and masters of

our energy

Our organs are each tuned to a specific frequency, as is our entire body. We are a symphony of frequencies and masters of our energy. From the day we are born we will always emit or receive a frequency in concert with our thoughts, perceptions and environment. Our DNA expression and consequently our health and well-being are influenced by these energy signals. Through the research of Epigenetics, it was shown that these signals influence the communication between our genes and cells, having a profound effect on our vitality, well-being and the shaping of the lives of our future generations. Our entire existence, all matter, all life, all experiences, everything owes its presence to the physical world of frequencies.

Illusory Sense of Identity

The word “I” embodies the greatest error and the deepest truth. In normal everyday usage “I” represents the ancient misperception of who we are, an illusory sense of identity created from the ego’s perspective of “self.” This illusory identity of who you think you are is what Albert Einstein, who had deep insights into the reality of space and time and also of human nature, referred to as "an optical illusion of consciousness."

These collections of characters form our story. Our perception of reality that comes from the mind becomes a reflection of the illusion that compromises our Harmony, Balance and Alignment.