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Master Of Stories

Thinking is a natural function of the human species. The majority of the populations living on our planet are completely identified with the endless stream of mind chatter. It is this compulsive “thinking” that usually leads one to a place of confusion or conflict. The mind is a master of stories that we believe are true. It is theses stories that fashion our perception of “reality,” specifically the perception of a reality that convinces us that who we are, is who we “think” we are. As long as we are emotionally involved in the story of “I am who I think I am,” we are attached to something that is transitory and separates us from what is real. Our stories and beliefs trap us into trusting the “Illusion.”

The good news is: If you can recognize the mind’s story telling as an illusion, it dissolves and the story ends. The mind’s survival depends on mistaking an internal narrative for reality. It is in the observing of our thoughts that we can begin the process to a higher consciousness.


The Science of Epigenetics is the study of how our DNA is influenced by our external environment and our perceptions.

Research has determined our genes are influenced by factors outside or above our cell walls and nucleus. The food and beverages we consume, the air we breathe, our beliefs, attitudes; the words we speak and especially how we “think“ in relationship to our choices, experiences and perceptions, all affect our vibrancy and well-being. Epigenetics has shown us that our perceptions and “thinking” translate into vibrational signals that carry information that influence at least four million gene switches residing in our DNA, to open or close. These frequency signals are picked up and read by our DNA, which expresses functional information to our cells in our body. The new science of Epigenetics shows us that chronic diseases are associated with energy frequencies that lead us to become prone to developing health problems. Cancer cells, for example carry a specific density of vibrational energy that is different from healthy cells.

Authors Wayne Dyer and Norman Cousins were living examples of how their individual shifts in how they viewed life was able to transform and heal the physical being.

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