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Xiuhtezcatl says “Seeing giant fossil fuel corporations inject themselves into this case, which is about our future, really demonstrates the problem we are trying to fix…The federal government has been making decisions in the best interest of multinational corporations and their profits, but not in the best interest of my generation and those to come”.

The federal government has filed a motion to dismiss the case and the judge set March 9 as the next court date to hear the oral arguments. The Obama administration aims to cut emissions up to 28% within 10 years on 2005 levels. That is insufficient to cap warming to the internationally agreed limit of 2C this century, according to independent researchers at Climate Action Tracker.


Eugene, OR -- Judge to Hear Oral Arguments for Federal Constitutional Climate Case


On Wednesday, March 9 at 10 am, Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin will hear oral arguments for motions to dismiss in the landmark constitutional climate change case brought by 21 young people from Oregon and around the Nation. These kids, along with climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, filed the lawsuit against our federal government because our government is violating the youngest generation’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property, and because the government has failed to protect essential resources by facilitating the exploitation of fossil fuels. In their case, the youth ask the court to order the federal government to prepare and implement a science-based national climate recovery plan.

Just recently, three trade organizations, representing nearly all of the world’s fossil fuel industry, were granted Defendant status in this case. Now, the plaintiffs are up against our federal government AND the fossil fuel industry, and THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT!


Hearing: Wednesday, March 9th at 10:00 am. Space is limited inside the courtroom; please arrive by 9:15

to secure a seat.


Wayne L Morse U.S. Courthouse,

405 East Eighth Ave.,

Eugene, OR 97401

A side note: When PERREAULT Magazine asked about publishing upcoming speaking dates and appearances by Xiuhtezcatl and Earthguardians, the magazine was told (by his mother) that it was a policy now not to give out information for future appearances at this time in order to protect him, as Xiuhtezcatl had received numerous threats (via phone calls, Facebook, texts and emails) surrounding this lawsuit, as well as the lawsuit against the State of Colorado on the fracking issue.