PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 36

Perreault Magazine - 36 -

"Indigenous Roots"

from the Generation RYSE album

produced by Black Sun Cinema


RYSE ( Rising Youth for a Sustainable Earth) is a diverse movement under the Earthguardians organization comprised of young climate leaders who are taking action and empowering youth around the world to do the same, whose Vision states: “…We believe in the power of youth to disrupt the global leadership status quo. We envision young people confidently stepping up to lead projects, campaigns, and collective actions. This intergenerational movement is not waiting for others to take action. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Xiuhtezcatl stopped waiting at an early age and has stepped up and been engaged, as the city of Boulder and the Boulder City Council members well know. He helped stop the use of pesticides in city parks, and was among the fiercest advocates for a fee on plastic bags. His was a key voice in a project to contain coal ash, and to end a 20-year contract with Xcel Energy, allowing the city to pursue renewable energy as its primary resource.