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JP: Do you have any projects of your own coming up, Itzcuauhtli?

I: Yeah, I do. I have the Silence Into Action project, where before we get to Paris we are going to try to get 1 million signatures, and while we are in Paris at the climate talks (COP21), we are going to deliver the signatures to them, to show that it’s not just the radical hippies who want change. It’s everyone.

So I went on a Silence Strike for 45 days trying to raise awareness on climate change. I didn’t talk to my friends, or my family, or my teachers or anybody for 45 days.

I spoke sign language with my mom. I started this after the big climate walk in NYC with 400,000 people. I was 11 when I did it- it was pretty amazing.

Tired of being ignored by world leaders, Itzcuauhtli went on a 45-day silent strike for climate action and became inspired to collect more than one million signatures from youth around the world to deliver to United Nations leaders when they convene in Paris in December of 2015 for the climate talks. Upon ending his silent strike, more than one and a half million engaged in his message and over 5,000 people pledged to go silent for a day in support of climate action. (The signatures were presented in Paris at COP21)

Itzcuauhtli has been performing original eco hip-hop and organizing for the Earth Guardians since he was seven years old. In addition to his work on local campaigns here in Boulder, Colorado, Itzcuauhtli is also a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the state of Colorado due to the government's failure to protect the atmosphere.

Along with a group of Earth Guardians, he has filed a petition against the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission demanding an immediate moratorium on all new gas well permits.

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