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X: A lot of young kids don’t have that. So what Earth Guardians is trying to provide is that inspiration, that education and the tools that they need to do everything that I am doing. I had it easy in terms of my support system. My parents, my community, my friends, my family and Earth Guardians is working to, my voice is working to inspire these kids, to educate these kids, so that they can then inspire others and use Earth Guardians as a tool to engage the world.

JP: What would you like to say to all of our global readers when this article is published?

X: There’s no time like NOW to take action, because we are at a point in time where the urgency of the crisis on this planet –not just climate change- but everything is at stake. Look at any issue we face today- poverty, starvation, drought, famine, floods, deforestation- we’re chopping down all our forests.