PERREAULT Magazine MARCH | APRIL 2016 - Page 23

there’s no way I’m not going to do something

My father is Meshika, he is from Mexico City, raised in the Aztec culture, so as soon as I could talk I was learning the language. I was learning the songs. As soon as I could walk I was learning the dances.

I think all of that kind of fed into my passion for protecting the planet. Because as soon as I started learning about the destruction, the devastation, how humans were creating the greatest problems on our planet, how our lifestyles were destroying the earth, I thought “How is there any way people aren’t doing something about this?

So there was no way I couldn’t act. I looked at the problem and said there’s no way I’m not going to do something. And so it was very early onset, and I am using my life solidly to change the text.

JP: Your music, your message, your dance and your Aztec heritage. Are these four important areas deeply connected or do you view them separately?

X: Music and dance. I am a hip hop dancer, a beat boy. I think people simplify hip hop too much. They think of hip hop like they think of rap, and that’s not what it is. If you look at the roots of what hip hop is, it was a medium of bringing people together. There is tagging and spray painting and street art graffiti.

a whole part of indigenous culture

is preserving the planet for the next generations

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