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Gahl Sasson is a spiritual teacher who has earned a wide and enthusiastic following across the globe. He teaches ongoing workshops on Kabbalah, Mythology, and Astrology in Europe, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, and in dozens of cities across the United States.

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Mercury Retro and His Endless Error Messages

This Mercury retro is very intense. Isn’t it? Maybe because it started off its retro motion while dipping in the water of Pisces. What does that mean? Well, best image I have is dropping your smartphone in the toilet.

Then on Feb 13th, Mercury moved into Aquarius, the sign of computers and technology.

Below are some manifestations of Mercury (communication) retrograde (glitches) in Aquarius (computers).

On Feb 7th right as Mercury went retrograde, Mt. Gox, a leading exchange of Bitcoin (digital currency) stopped trading due to a computer problem. The issue seemed to be a loophole that granted people who were savvy (and mercurial) to send twice as many bitcoins in certain transactions. The shutdown of the system has prevented people from withdrawing their bitcoins and cause the value of the binary coin to drop significantly.


On Feb 18th a computer glitch caused United Airlines computer to malfunction resulting in thousands of passenger unable to board as well as flights disruptions. It even affected Washington Redskin quarterback, Kirk Cousins who tweeted: “all united computers are acting up at GR airport so we can’t print our boarding passes…”

On a more personal level, about a week ago my computer stopped connecting to the internet. After taking it to a see few different computer doctors in Hong Kong, I called Microsoft technical support and paid 90$ to resolve the issue. It was not. After spending 60 min with a man who identified himself as level one technician and paying 3$ a minute roaming charges to AT&T, he told me he will pass me to a level two technician. I gave my number for them to call back since I didn’t want my phone bill to be more expensive then my laptop. A day later I get an email from all mighty Microsoft that they could not reach me in the number I provided. I called again, praying maybe AT&T will also have a computer glitch that will not register my roaming calls.



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