PERREAULT Magazine March 2014 - Page 71

Book Description

(from back cover and Amazon page)

“When I was three years old, I was kidnapped and bound, ripped from my home, and forced to do tricks for the amusement of Others."

A rogue killer whale has been hidden in the rear pool of a theme park. When a captive baby orca is placed in the holding tank beside him, he knows that the little one’s life is about to change forever.

The older whale has just one night to pass down all the lessons of his experience and to seize an unexpected chance for redemption. But will he be able to impart the wisdom of the Ancestors before it’s too late?

Linda Peters draws on our fascination with the mysteries of the sea to weave an inspirational tale of hope and healing for all captive creatures. The orca whale in this metaphysical novel is more than just an employee and performer for a profit-driven corporation. He is a spiritual teacher tasked with spreading ancient truths. Part self-help book and part psychological thriller, this story of personal transformation will speak to anyone who has ever felt trapped and alone, and needed some help to find a way out.

Author Bio

Linda Peters is a certified Ayurveda Wellness Counselor with a lifelong interest in complementary healing modalities. She is an avid whale watcher and has observed wild orcas in Alaska’s Resurrection Bay, San Juan Island’s Haro Strait, and off the coast of Long Beach, California.

Linda is also the author of Somewhere to Turn: stories, a collection of flash fiction written under the name, Linda Courtland. She blogs at The Aspie and the NT with her husband Tom Peters about their experiences with marriage and Asperger’s Syndrome.

A Note from The Author (from Kindle version):

I’ve had a lifelong interest in alternative healing and many of the ideas in this book came out of my recent study of Ayurveda, India’s ancient healing system. I am also an avid whale watcher and was inspired by seeing the documentary film, Blackfish, and observing wild orcas last summer on San Juan Island.

I also write a blog with my husband, Tom Peters, called The Aspie and the NT. Tom is a Grammy®-nominated classical musician who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult. The blog talks about our experiences with marriage and with living on the autism spectrum. It's at:

Twitter: @WayOfTheWhale