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Born and raised in Northern San Diego, David Hendrickson, Founder of A Loving Goodbye, found a passion for helping animals early in life when, at the age of 4, his family adopted their first rescue dog. A triplet, David and his brothers frequently volunteered at local animal shelters and grew up with 5 rescues that became a part of his family and a way of life. David soon realized the amazing role local animal shelters and rescue programs play on the front lines of saving animals. As David notes, “All of us can play a critical role – however small or large it may be – in helping all animals find a loving and caring environment.”

Combining his passion of art and interest in skateboarding, David started Hendrick Boards in 2011 as a vehicle to support local animal shelters and rescues. Every shirt, hoodie, accessory and skateboard purchase at Hendrick Boards triggers a donation to the customer’s local animal shelter, rescue or sanctuary. After seeing the thousands of animals being euthanized every week and none ever having a name or story David created A Loving Goodbye. Dedicated to the 5 million animals euthanized every year, A Loving Goodbye is an initiative aimed to give each euthanized animal a legacy and power to make a difference.

David has been frequently sought after and featured in the likes of The Huffington Post, Orange County Register, Working Mother, Coast Magazine and 944 Magazine. He makes volunteering at animal nonprofits a central part of his life. Nearly every weekend, David helps his nonprofit partners build new roofs, maintain facilities, care for shelter animals and find loving homes for shelter animals.

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Mission: To give “A Loving Goodbye” so no animal dies alone or unloved, give every animal a lasting tribute and legacy and raise awareness of the need to stop animal euthanasia.

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To see a world where animal euthanasia is a thing of the past and every animal is given the love they deserve.



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