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MORGAN: Sharon Stone with her documentary "Femme: Women Healing the World".

The Hollywood Legend is the executive producer of the film. She now joins me exclusively along with best-selling author Marianne Williamson who appears in the film as well.

Ladies, welcome to you.

STONE: Thank you.

WILLIAMSON: Thank you.

MORGAN: So Sharon, this is a great idea. You took basically a hundred really influential fascinating women and you interviewed them for this documentary. What is the point of this film?

STONE: I think the point of the film is really to first of all, listen - just to see what are these brilliant minds are thinking. What do women think. We interviewed physicists, doctors, psychologists, pornographic film makers, spiritualists, engineers, etc. Every kind of brilliant thinking women in the world.

We just reached out to women from all over the world and got their point of views about what kind of state is the world in? Why do you think it's in this state? What do you think is happening? Why do you think it's happening? What are your thoughts and feelings about everything? Just from the feminine perspective, and it was quite a fascinating journey.

MORGAN: And Marianne, what is the collective view about where women are on the world right now, because I'm looking at a world now when you have Oprah Winfrey, arguably the most powerful woman in America. You have people running, you know, Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook. You have Marissa Mayer at Yahoo and so on. You have all these huge figures now running big things in America. It seems to me that the glass ceiling's been voluntarily broken and we're on way to another level.

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, "FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD": Well, I think that there is a way in which the glass ceiling has been broken but I think the story today is not just women getting our power. First of all, the fact that you have a few individuals who are empowered as the ones you mentioned doesn't mean that every woman has every bit of power that she is due. But even beyond that, the real story for the feminine voice today is not how can I get my power but how do we use the power that we now have collectively gotten. That's where we are in the journey now.

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