PERREAULT Magazine March 2014 - Page 36

Some of your work demonstrates ‘inward’ shapes - shapes meeting inwardly together, some touching each other, some almost touching.

What is the meaning behind their creation?

It is interesting that you mention that because my favorite sculpture piece that I have made was called “Almost Touching” which was part of my series called “Intimate Spaces”. It was about the action, energy and tension contained within a white cube. It also speaks of a time when connections can be close but not always complete. My work has been referred to as sensual and the cubes invite the viewer to reach in and touch.

I personally love your ‘Boats filled with Hearts’.

It gives me the impression that you are someone who’s heart is filled with dreams and desires to travel. Yes?

Yes! “Voyage” is all of that and more. I often make things because I almost have to; They possess me until they are complete! I am constantly learning from my art and like many relationships I often don’t understand what I will learn and why until after. The boats definitely reference movement and time. Like a dream they float between the worlds of past, present and future. I had just moved to Venice Beach and the hearts were a way to manifest love and friendships in a place as vast as Los Angeles.






"Almost Touching", 2010, Glazed Ceramic

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