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A documentary on the effects of addiction on creativity and how drugs and genius tie in with death. Delving into artists’ lives and how their addiction affected their craft, process, lives, and world around them. This is a very intense and sensitive look into numerous artists from all genres.

Why I am doing this documentary:

I am curious to know and I am exploring through conversations with artists and addiction specialists if addiction enhances the creative process? Is the creative spirit & drive damaged by the myth of addiction? Why are so many artists addicted? Why alcohol, heroin, pills, etc. What do these drugs give us? From Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jaco Pastorious, Amy Winehouse, River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Elliot Smith,... did their death confirm or deny the link of these two complex topics . Did their death tie in with drugs and genius ?

You will hear from such artists and creative souls as John Densmore drummer of the Doors, Jim Morrison’s best friend, musician D.H. Peligro from Dead Kennedys, Weezer & Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jules Muck, ... and so the list goes on.

Funding is needed to ensure that this sensitive film inspires the discussion for generations to come.This film will mean something different to each viewer. This is the chameleon in the bottle, what will it mean to you?


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