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Conservative estimates say more than 10 million children around the world live outside a family setting, in institutions or on the street. In reality, that number may be much higher.

Adoptions into the U.S. have fallen by more than 60 percent since 2004, due in large part to a broken system filled with delays, bureaucracy, discrimination and staggering costs.

In the meantime, children are suffering.

Suddenly his life of leisure seemed inconsequential, and he wanted to do more, to make a difference. He saw with his own eyes the importance of a permanent loving family for a child, and the devastating impact the absence of a family has on children.

Within a year, Craig and his wife adopted three children from Haiti. He was fundamentally transformed by the process and committed his life to helping the children who were left behind. Craig was again transformed, this time he emerged a father and an advocate but his focus and drive remained.

Craig’s three children are now thriving in a supportive and loving environment, but millions of children are left behind in orphanages worldwide without love, care, guidance and hope.

The main problem, says Craig, is that children living outside of parental care are not a social or political priority.

Craig began to believe that a family is every child’s basic human right and far too many children are being deprived of this right around the world.

Craig is on a mission to change that.

Not a social or political priority

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