PERREAULT Magazine January 2015 - Page 32



“When things are wrong, they can be made right.”

These were the words spoken by Craig Juntunen as he introduced his film “STUCK” to an intimate gathering in Los Angeles in March. I was fortunate enough to be there and learn more about the plight of orphans and the shockingly broken system of international adoption that continues to fail vulnerable children.

Craig is an interesting character, an inspiring and charismatic force. Having played collegiate and professional football before transforming himself into a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, he has an intensity of focus and drive that helps explain his success both on and off the field.

In 1998, he sold his businesses and set out to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He did not have children and had no desire for them. He spent his days on the golf course or ski slopes, and his nights at cocktail parties with friends. He was living the dream, until a conversation about adopting from Haiti one afternoon on the golf course with an acquaintance changed his life.

Within a few weeks, Craig was on a plane to Haiti to see for himself the poverty and despair his friend described. What he saw changed him. During this trip, Craig visited several orphanages and began to have a new sense of purpose.

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