PERREAULT Magazine January 2015 - Page 28

Sea Shepherd was the first to introduce the Taiji dolphin hunts to the world in 2003 with covertly obtained video and now iconic still images of a blood red cove. Then in 2009, the issue blew up further with the amazing film, "The Cove," by Louis Phihoyos.

Sea Shepherd was also featured in the film, as it was their activists who cut the nets in 2003 and released the 15 dolphins who were being held. Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians is a team of volunteer activists who sacrifice greatly to be on the ground for the entire six-month season for the last four seasons. The team is working round the clock to bring this issue and their footage/live stream to the world.

Senior Cove Guardian Leader

for the

Taiji Dolphins.

… because animals have souls too.


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