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One year ago...

The Perreault Magazine was launched one year ago and the overwhelming emotion I feel in my heart is one of pure gratitude. One year ago, I wanted to ignite my own global impact by creating and launching a platform that would allow me to navigate amongst those who already do have an impact, and educate myself and others. I wanted to create an opportunity and a vehicle that would allow me to meet them and to share their stories so that others become inspired, empowered and perhaps do get involved as well. There is so much to do for the environment, for the oceans, for our blue sky, for our wildlife and for all the humanitarian urgencies.

I feel so blessed to have received such a grand support from all of you and to have had such a powerful year. Many thanks and gratitude to my team of contributors and associates. Your work is invaluable.

In 2015, we continue to look ahead by covering the people, innovations and solutions that are reshaping our future, and the organizations and companies that have an impact. Increasingly, we are seeing individuals as well as large entities getting involved and making a difference.

Happy New Year to all!

And may you 'Ignite Your Global Impact'!

Together and individually, we can have an impact, create social movements and activate change.

from the Editor...

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