PERREAULT Magazine January 2014 - Page 50

What not to do?

1. However tempting, try to avoid starting a new partnership or a new relationship. Not the most auspicious time to sign a partnership agreement.

2. Refrain from buying luxurious items.

3. Avoid temptations (Capricorn's tarot card is the Devil). You will be seduced by chocolate cakes, extramarital affairs, shopping therapy and the like. Like Jesus who said "no!" to the Devil in his 40 days in the desert, so will you have to say "no!" to desserts for the same amount of time.

4. Plastic surgeries. Nose jobs, botox and other mischief.

5. Organizing big parties, cocktail parties, fashion shows and events.

6. Buy a car or a house or anything too expensive.

7. Get engaged.

8. Planting.

9. Buy art, unless it is from Banksy for 60$ in Central Park, NY.

10. Make investments.

Final words:

There is no good or bad, above or below, true or false. What I am trying to say is that Venus retrograde should not be feared but welcomed. It can help unbind negativity in relationships, it can undo artistic or creative blocks. It can unclog stagnated relationships and help us push forward what was going backward for a while.

So be nice to each other and yourself during this period and you will be surprised with the gifts that you will receive.

Lots of love...

even as the goddess of love will be driving a luxury car in reverse while texting and putting lipstick on...



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