PERREAULT Magazine January 2014 - Page 11

EDITOR'S NOTE... when things are aligned

When things are aligned, there is no other word to describe the feeling but the word ‘magic’. I have been exposed to people who are making the world a better place and are activists for social change. I have aslo been exposed to people who have been victims of the injustices of mankind.

Putting this kind of magazine together was a very gratifying process. It required curating articles that represented the eclectic vision I have.

From future globalism to humanitarian causes and their stories of courage, from chefs to D.J.'s, it all came together like magic.

This is the very first issue of PERREAULT Magazine. Eclectic and carefully curated,

its content is the gathering of columnists and their expertise, each renowned in their field.

With these types visionaries, the magazine will be expanding beautifully.

A 'digital format' means that it is interactive and instantly available globally. You may also purchase items directly from the pages, watch a video or listen to music tracks.


Each month, an Artist will be profiled; Steven Mana Trink will write on Epigenetics, a new science; Jack Uldrich will share his vision on global futurism; Jeff Berger, our Music Editor, will share music ‘out of the box’; Kumi Naidoo will write about making waves and how to help protect our environment; Peter Shane will share his expertise in the health & fitness world; Gahl Sasson, a world-renowned Astrologist, will share each month’s astrological map , and a world-renowned Chef will cook for us.

Each month, a 'Woman or Man with a Cause' will share his or her story.

I am deeply moved by the beautiful people that are in my life and it humbles me to have received such support for this new endeavour.


New Year!

Bonne Année!

Perreault Magazine’s mission is to educate, to encourage readers sharing their knowledge, and to create future humanitarians.

We included a list of humanitarian causes in the need to be recognized and supported -

our beloved pets included.

The New Year is here.

I am excited about continuing

to live a life full of life,

a life with a beautiful

blue sky above.

It feels like magic.

Perreault Magazine / January, 2014 11