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There is so much to write and share about 'us', women, about our strengths and delicateness, about our nurturing heart and our Spartan soul. I have many beautiful and powerful women in my life and they all have their uniqueness. This issue has brought several of them together, and their light helps our lives to shine.

Our ‘Woman with A Cause’ is Ingrid Vanderveldt and her recently launched EBW2020. Ingrid is committed to empower one billion women by 2020. We share her journey and her vision, as well as her invitation to you to be part of her social movement. As we continue to promote education, advocacy and activism, we are proud to welcome our new partners: United Nations Foundation, UCLA World Health Center, Oceana, Cape Farewell, Earth Guardians and World Central Kitchen. Our partnerships with institutions from around the world allow our global reach to continue to expand and we are simply delighted, as we are already in 67 countries and growing.

With a billion people living in chronic hunger, it is going to take a collective effort to create smart solutions to end the issues of hunger and poverty. Our new partner, Chef José Andrés and his Chef Network engages socially conscious chefs skilled in a wide range of culinary arts and matches them with communities in need around the world. In future issues, you will be introduced to all the CHEFS - and their recipes - from Jose’s Front Line in addition to the members of the Committed Crew. José’s mission is “Changing the World Through the Eyes of a Chef.”

As our mission continues, we are inviting you to take action and support a cause, support environmental campaigns, reduce your energy consumption and incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. You may create your own movement, or join a movement and take action. A unique effort can indeed lead to a global success.

Share your discoveries, share your knowledge.

Be inspired! Get involved!

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