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SK. As President of Intrigue Agency, you have spoken to more than a half of million people worldwide and to hundreds of organizations. What is your core message?

SH: Katherine Graham. Former publisher of the Washington Post said, "To love what you do and feel that it matters -- how could anything be more fun?"

My core message is how you can create work that you love and MAKE it matter MOST.

SK: Tell us about your book, Tongue Fu and what it's all about?

SH: I wrote Tongue Fu! years ago. What is Tongue Fu! you ask? Well, it's about how to handle difficult people without becoming difficult ourselves. Erma Bombeck said, "If we can laugh at it, we can live with it." I've had the privilege and pleasure of helping thousands of individuals and organizations learn how to make their business and brand breakout instead of blend in.

I've published a book titled "POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd." P stands for Purposeful. An insurance giant ensures consumers think of them every time they hear that phrase, "You're in good hands with..." Did you say, "Allstate!" This is a perfect example of how to POP!

O stands for Original. When you're one of a kind, there is no competition.

P stands for Pithy. Concise and precise and may not sound very intriguing, but the important part of POP Top slogans of the twentieth century are less than seven words:

"Diamonds are forever." (DeBeers), "Just do it." (Nike), and "We try harder." (Avis).

Author Richard Branson wrote "Time is new money." I say, "Time is Trust." Have you had a tough time explaining what you do? Wish you could deliver crisp, clear, and compelling communication? Do you wish you could communicate your ideas and projects so people approve, support, and fund them? There's a solution to this. In my recently published book titled Got Your Attention? I share my 8 methods that can help you to be more intriguing and capture people's favorable attention. Being intriguing is a skill that you can learn. The founder of Travelocity and chair of Kayak, Terry Jones, says, "If you can't get people's attention, you'll never get their business."

SK: Tongue Fu! is the Number 3 best selling business book in South Korea. You just returned from South Korea. You shared the stage with President Park Geun-hye. What was intriguing about your first trip to South Korea?

SH: What a great question! I published Tongue Fu! 17 years ago. Today it's the number 3 best selling business book in South Korea. I was invited to speak at the Asian Leaders Conference. What an honor and privilege to share the stage with South Korean President Park Geun-hye, Prime Minister Modi of India, Secretary-General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, and Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba. One of the most important lessons that comes to mind which can be applied globally is the "universal need and desire to get along and collaborate." I realized that no one is teaching us how. Looking for ways to improve our communication is important wherever you are in the world!

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