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Cimicifuga Racemosa Black Cohosh

The ink of the cuttlefish is a thick, blackish-brown liquid, which is secreted to hide or to attack prey. It contains Melanin, Tyrosine and Dopamine, and other chemicals like amino acids.

Sepia has been used in Homeopathy to treat symptoms related to pregnancy. One of the specific issues of pregnancy is morning nausea (with no appetite) especially triggered by smells, like the smell of food in the morning. It may treat the sensation of hunger during the day . Food tastes too salty and there is desire for acidic food like pickles, mustard, highly flavored, bitter, or strongly seasoned food. It has also been used in Homeopathy to treat skin related issues of pregnancy including acne, eczema around the lips or on elbow flexures and chloasma or the darkening of the skin over the bridge of the nose (mask of pregnancy). It also treats pelvic congestion due to uterine prolapse and venous stasis with varicose veins of legs and vulvar area. On the emotional aspect it helps the symptoms of postpartum blues,including indifference to work & family, and the new born, and wanting to be alone. It may also treat hyperactivity, irritability, and bouts of anger.


Lachesis Mutus

The Homeopathic dilutions of snake venom is used in the treatment of many different issues and organ systems.

The poison of the bushmaster snake is deadly if it enters the blood stream. It causes paralysis of the heart and the nervous system. It disrupts the blood-clotting-cascade of the body and causes fatal internal hemorrhages. It might seem surprising that this venom is used as a medication, but if you remember from previous issues, Homeopathic medications are so diluted that there is minimal amount of the substance left in them. Lachesis treats the following symptoms:

Hot flashes with congested face, dark red lips and purple nose and hot sweats with headaches that feel like congestion of the head. Lachesis also treats congestive and pounding pains in the occipital (neck area), aggravated with heat or headaches waking the patient up from sleep.

The patient may experience sensations of rapid heartbeat at the time of hot flashes. Lachesis is also used for spontaneous bruising under the skin or bruising with the slightest trauma.

Mood issues related to menopause like being jumpy with anger fits have been treated with this medication as well. Patient may feel depressed due to having less energy during the day due to related sleep issues like hot sweats and headaches.