PERREAULT Magazine AUG | SEP - Page 84

Perreault Magazine - 84 -

by Dr. Payam Hakimi


Summer is on its way and for those of us who are traveling far or near, flying or going on a cruise, health precautions are recommended. Keep a copy of your passport and your credit cards somewhere safe and take a picture of them and keep them in your smart phone. Take along some medication for pain and trauma, infections, anxiety, a sleep aide, and your recommended medications; enough for the duration of the trip. In the week leading up to the trip drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals and plenty of vegetables. Be sure to get enough rest and exercise to help combat jet lag. Take multi-vitamins and Immune Booster supplements like vitamins B, C, and D, Black Elderberry, Beta Glucan, Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms.



Cimicifuga Racemosa Black Cohosh

Cohosh has been used medically for female hormonal issues to treat PMS, menopause, skin issues, acne, sore throat and cough. In Homeopathy Cimicifuga is used for the treatment of symptoms related to menstrual cycle and estrogen excess.

It treats the following symptoms: breast pain which is sharp and acute, low back pain which extends from the pelvis area to the thighs, sensation of pelvic heaviness, painful uterine contractions, tenderness of abdominal muscles, painful bleeding of dark blood with some clots. It has also been used for upper back pains between the shoulder blades, neck pain radiating to the eyes with a sensation of bruising. Other uses are for mood swings with sleep disorders and painful ovulation.

Three Homeopathic Medications for the female reproductive life cycle.


The information provided is for your general knowledge and not intended to replace your physician’s advice! Follow your physician’s recommendation as to vaccinations and care.