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The Power

of the


The Power of the Womb is the Power of Woman

The fetus goes through the evolutionary stages ranging from a single cell to the fish-stage, and then to its ultimate expression as a human baby; all taking place while swimming in the sea of the womb. This is embryology. An overview of the Primal Health Research Data Bank and the solvents contained in amniotic fluid demonstrates that Womb-Ecology

reflects the health of our larger World. Creating the life that supports the change we want to see on our planet takes devotion, consciousness and the power of the womb.

Expression of Genes

Begins in the Womb

It is the womb that produces life; the DNA is just the blueprint. Development of the fetus in the womb can be likened to an orchestra in which our DNA strands are the instruments and epigenetic influences are the musicians who determine the sound that is heard or the baby that is formed.


Perreault Magazine - 72 -

the science of


Epigenetic Therapist

by Steven Mana Trink