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WHAT WE BELIEVE: To create a global sustainable future, it will happen through a new set of eyes, the eyes of entrepreneurs, and specifically women. Women are starting the majority of new companies and control 70% of the global market spend. When women make money- they tend to reinvest 90% of their earnings back into their families, their communities and ultimately the world. The faster we help women succeed, the faster we will all win.

THE REALITY: Entrepreneurs are the foundation of global job creation. Women tend to drive 35% higher revenues and when funded, deliver 12% higher return on investment.

WHAT WE DO: The EBW2020 umbrella consists of the collaboration of three organizations: EBW2020, Ingrid Vanderveldt LLC, and the EBW Foundation. March 15, 2015 we launched the EBW Foundation at SXSW along with our mentor-matching platform. May 14, 2015 opened EBW2020 to men and women. EBW2020 is a virtual accelerator providing curated resources from the world’s most trusted brands. We demystify the process of starting, building and scaling a venture by providing one-on-one planning, mentorship & support with access to proven and curated tools, tech and resources to empower innovators’ success as leaders and entrepreneurs. Our team hand selects the resources from corporations we trust and then works on your behalf to secure “economies of scale discounts” to provide to EBW members along with the mentorship and support throughout the process.

HOW: EBW2020’s “Business in a Box” software platform fuelled with a $100M IV Credit Fund for Entrepreneurs delivers customized scalable solutions for both entrepreneurs and the corporations seeking to do business with them. We curate solutions in three strategic areas critical to business success: mentoring, mobility (tech) and money (financial literacy) and deliver through business, policy and media initiatives. Our EBW2020 Foundation focuses on creating a global, sustainable future by providing education, mentoring, and policy programs for women in both developed and developing countries.

WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT OUR APPROACH: We have one-of-a-kind knowledge as both entrepreneurs and corporate executives. We know what’s needed to start and grow and business and how to get it done in a way that maximizes results. Our approach gets critical resources into the hand of innovators and entrepreneurs when they need it most and in turn, build long term loyalty with future customers for the long run with our corporate partners.