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Step 3: It is here that we offer hands-on support to our entrepreneurs through our EBW Certified partners. Here we seek to support those fast growth entrepreneurs who want to stay focused on the vision and development of their business- and have the world’s top experts behind them handling all the “behind the scenes infrastructure” that, as mentioned, can keep entrepreneurs from reaching their highest potential. Here we offer accounting software and technology applications that can be plugged into the backend platform that help maximize revenue, minimize costs and maximize profitability. We often refer to this as our “business in a box” solutions to support entrepreneurs seeking to reach their fullest potential. This support is offered in an à la carte way so that entrepreneurs can pick and choose solutions that fit their needs and budgets best so they get the exact level of service they desire.

To support these three business offerings, we launched The $100M IV Credit Fund. This offering targets growth entrepreneurs seeking to scale their businesses in measurable ways. These companies will typically have just completed a round of financing and will be looking to have the support and infrastructure that EBW and The IV Fund can offer them to support that growth. Here, we curate strategic introductions between our entrepreneurs and corporate partners to enable our entrepreneurs to get access to the highest level of support we offer.

Finally, none of this would work without the central focus of being in service and giving back. This is where The EBW Foundation comes into play. Here is where we focus on providing access to cell phones for women in developing countries and getting them

access to the EBW platform and community where they can connect

with people, ideas and resources to fuel their hope and their businesses.


What would you like to tell our readers to inspire them to be part of EBW2020?

iV: Thank you so much for asking the question. I am truly grateful. I think I would simply propose that if the work and vision of EBW2020 appeals to you or if you know someone that this could help, that you consider joining us in The EBW Community! If EBW Mastery appeals to you, then we would love for you to TRY it! We offer 30 days free and there are never any contracts or cancellation fees if you choose to stay and change your mind down the road. What we care about if your success and doing everything we can to help you get there.

Some other thoughts for consideration, every two years we bring on 25 EBW Global Ambassadors, women who are the voices and representatives of their communities to help EBW stay grounded at the local levels on a global basis. I personally mentor all of these women. Maybe this is something that appeals to you or someone you know? Do you have ideas for what might be helpful in your community? Are you a business owner seeking to give back through mentorship? Are you looking for a mentor? Do you have inspiring ideas you could share that could impact the lives of others? If the answer to any of these questions (and more) is yes- we would love to see you and welcome you into the EBW global community.

Thank you so much for speaking with me and all of your support of EBW2020. I wish great continued success to PERREAULT Magazine and ALL of your readers.