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iV: My greatest vision is simply that by 2020 we have reached and empowered a billion women and more to live as leaders and entrepreneurs.

I am also inspired that the energy of EBW2020 is inclusive of men. Our philosophy is that for women to reach our highest potential and to reach the goal of EBW2020- its only possible in collaboration with the guys. So I am excited to see percentage wise as we continue to move closer to 2020 all of the men that continue to join the movement.

Staying focused on our three pillars: access to mentors, money (financial literacy), and mobility (tech), and operating through both our for profit and non profit, we have created avenues for people at all stages to join the EBW2020 community.

EBW is structured to invite people in at all stages. Our focus is those businesses (regardless of industry) who agree and seeking to have solutions in the areas of mentorship, money and mobility.

For example:

Step 1: Joining the EBW2020 community is FREE and open to those entrepreneurs seeking to be part of the movement and elevate their BEING. In this community entrepreneurs can connect with one another, get ideas, find mentors, learn about how our corporate partners can support them, form support groups and more. This is open to ALL.

Step 2: EBW Mastery is $29/mo. This community is set up for those entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their THINKING/ MINDSET. We encourage entrepreneurs to embrace the idea of investing in themselves to gain access to those opportunities that can enhance and enable their continued success. So we have set pricing here to make it affordable for those business owners who want to take the next step in their learning.

Step 3: EBW offers ADD ON services for those entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their BUSINESSES.