PERREAULT Magazine AUG | SEP - Page 38

Perreault Magazine - 38 -

BP:Focus, Motivation, Love and Fun

Is part of your goal to help women focus and dream big? And to help them find something they absolutely love? Also important is to have fun with whatever they are doing in business, do you agree?

iV: OMG yes! If we aren’t doing things that we love and instead doing things from a place of fear, it’s almost impossible to make a dream happen. Fear creates doubt, love creates hope. So we each should be promoting the power of love (and loving what we do).

IIt’s from that place of love, that place of service, that place of creating something bigger than ourselves that allows resources, people, and connections to attract. Along those lines, I often teach “The Deal Maker Mindset”TM - the Deal Maker Mindset is teaching women that “deal makers want to work with deal makers” (and how to do it)….but deal makers look beyond race, color, background, experience, sex, education and more and simply look at “is this an opportunity that can help me”. When women understand this- and understand from that bigger mindset place that comes from love which is “how do I use my gifts to be in service” (and by nature doing what you enjoy)- it makes the idea and process of building a successful business around what you do that much more possible. The reason is: it is no longer an idea for women to have something they are “trying to sell” but rather a calling that they are in service of that creates value to others. From that perspective, creating the life and business you imagine becomes possible and people who want to buy will naturally attract to that energy.

BP:The future of EBW2020

EBW2020 was launched very recently. What is your biggest dream about its success? How will EBW2020 create a space for women of all ages and background to pursue their creative visions?