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iV: The mindset is really building off what I mentioned above. Success is not an option. Reaching the billion women is simply the goal. Understandably, a lot of people will ask (and in the past think) “it’s impossible to do”. I don't see it that way- it is more- how ARE we going to do it? If you can help, let’s collaborate. If you cannot, I send the best of luck but my attention is on making it happen.

That attitude is truly critical to anyone seeking to pursue their dream. I won’t say it is “easy” all the time to not have doubts. I certainly have my moments. That said, as those thoughts arise, I let myself “feel through it” and then get back to business. I simply stay focused on the goal and it’s that “we ARE making this happen” attitude is critical to bust through walls to make any vision happen.


When one woman helps another, remarkable things can happen. Professional careers leap forward. How can technology help women find opportunities and resources?

iV: Technology is a critical and a key piece to EBW2020. We focus on three areas, and these are the three areas that often stop women from starting, growing or scaling a venture. They are: access to mentors, access to financial literacy, and access to technology to scale.

Technology is the key equalizer and enabler to global success. Imagine: in many places around the world- women are still not allowed to have the opportunity to develop businesses and more. That said, when you put a mobile device into her hands, all of a sudden it gives her the ability to access those resources that can be game changing for her and her family. It is why EBW2020 says in our simplest form: we aspire to get a mobile device into the hands of all women, so they can connect to the EBW platform and gain access to a community, mentors, financial literacy and additional technology ideas that can help her scale her business.

Giving hope

Is there a particular event in your life that triggered the desire to help women succeed, a billion of them?

iV: I knew as a child, I just had a “gut” feeling that I was meant to be a global citizen. As I mentioned, I also knew I was meant to be a missionary. As I got older I learned to be an entrepreneur and create opportunities that would generate jobs, economic growth and opportunities for many. I did not know about the “billion” until that day four years ago I went into meditation. I was on a ranch in Dallas, driving down a dirt road when I asked that questions (about my calling) and heard the billion. After the initial shock, I shifted my mindset from “this is crazy, how does one person do this? This is impossible!” to gently ask myself the questions, “Well? How WOULD one person be able to reach a billion women,” and as I asked myself that question and sat to listen, the answers became clear (using technology- mobile devices, creating a platform, connecting women to resources and doing it in partnership with those global corporations who authentically seek to connect, help and do business with women worldwide.)