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In 2014, you left Dell Inc. where you oversaw entrepreneurial initiatives worldwide. In 2015, you launched EBW2020. How did the idea of helping women worldwide become a cause, one that you are obviously 110 per cent behind?

iV: I grew up thinking I would be a missionary. As I got older and realized I was a pretty good capitalist, I needed to be a missionary of a different kind. That is, a missionary to build companies that could create opportunities for myself, my family, my community and ultimately the world. About 4 years ago, I sat in meditation and asked the questions, “What does all of this mean? What am I being called to do? I had agreed before going into meditation that whatever I “heard” the answer to be, I would commit my life and 100% go into service of that calling. That was a pivotal moment because, of course, my path would be looking very different if the answer had been something along the lines of going into the jungles in Africa to live and serve (which I do)… Instead, the answer was “Empower a Billion Women by 2020.” So it is truly a calling, an amazing one, but the “cause” and being 110% behind is simply not an option. It’s my calling and my life- so now- the question simply is “So does this (whatever I might be looking at) help us move towards the goal of EBW2020.” If the answer is yes, I continue to pursue. If the answer is no, I don't.

From a philosophical and a business perspective- to create a global sustainable future that fuels innovation, economic growth and job creation- we know that it’s happening not from the large companies, but rather the small business owners. On top of that, it’s happening through a new set of eyes, and that is the eyes of women.

Women, drive 70% of global consumer spending and 80% in the US. They drive 35% higher ROI and 12% higher revenue when venture backed. Most importantly though, when women make money at any level, they reinvest 90% back into their families, their communities, and ultimately the world. You empower a woman? You empower the world. I have seen it first-hand time and time again. A woman, when she has that glimmer of hope, realizes her own potential and then taps into resources like EBW2020 set up to support her success- nothing is impossible and the vision for a global sustainable future becomes real. THIS is why I have dedicated my life to this cause. It’s important for the survival but also the thriving of our world.


Having the proper mindset to start a business also means having a solid set of attitudes. It is crucial and it is a real game changer?

What is the mindset you adopted when starting EBW2020?

If we are going to see real development in the world

then our best investment is WOMEN. - Desmond Tutu