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EBW2020 is virtually giving universal access to services, tools, and knowledge, and ensures that every woman in the world will have an equal chance of being successful and powerful in whatever way they choose to be. It also speaks to the unique qualities of Vanderveldt's organization, how it shares a wealth of knowledge with women from all social backgrounds and does not exclude anyone from this empowerment process. Where other programs dedicate their efforts and resources to only those who are “fortunate enough” to live in developed countries, EBW 2020 goes out of its way to reach out and access all women from all backgrounds and cultures. This highlights how unique and powerful this network already is and will be for a long time.

The website advertises several types of memberships, including a free one that lets you access all of the social boards, as well as plenty of information that is available online.

For those women who are financially unstable, this may be the only option they can afford, and it is utterly impressive that Vanderveldt offers all of this information so readily - at no fees - for those women. Although the paid memberships offer extra features that are well worth the money, iV understands that money is not something everyone is privileged with, and works hard to include those women as well, so that it will really make a difference in their lives in both the long and short run.

For women around the world looking for engaging opportunities to promote themselves in a safe and affordable way, this wonderful organization run by the kind people under Vanderveldt's care is sure to help you make the difference you are looking for. Whatever society or status you find yourself in, this program is sure to give you the support you have been searching for, and will simultaneously show you the power that you yourself have. Ingrid Vanderveldt and Empowering a Billion Women by 2020, along with her other organizations, are making a substantial difference in the world.

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