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This one of a kind organisation focuses on empowering women in the workplace by providing tools, technology and resources.

This means that EBW2020’s goal is to properly train women and inspire them by using different mediums and resources in the professional world.

By creating, iV is encouraging women to sign up in one of two levels of membership, where they are able to learn from the professionals that are already prominent in the marketplace.

Through the EBW2020 community Vanderveldt makes it possible for women from all over the world to be professionally successful. In offering these different options to women, she makes it possible for participants to make crucial, life-changing connections that will enable them to be more successful in their businesses in the future. This is extremely important, as quite often – as women's rights organizations will tell you – the female workers tend to be overlooked when it comes to promotions and are often discouraged from getting bank loans and any other support they may need to grow. It is Vanderveldt's goal to change that, not by fighting and protesting, but by building stronger women and helping them learn iron clad skills that will make them impossible to miss when companies need a strong candidate for the job. It is also her objective to empower women to BE the founders and owners of their own companies.

One of

the most important things Vanderveldt is doing is encouraging women to reach out to mentors and have access to them via EBW2020.

Vanderveldt believes that providing women with the education, professional connections, and social connections, will help them build confidence, take action and navigate their way to the top. She hopes to have empowered a billion women by 2020, and is doing a fantastic job at achieving that goal already.

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