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In the field of entrepreneurship, there are all genres of men and women looking to get your attention for the next biggest thing. There are a multitude of great ideas, a tremendous amount of talent, and there is a plethora of great entrepreneurs.

Ingrid Vanderveldt has received attention before, and is still getting attention now. Not only due to the fact that she has been extremely successful and so focused, but due to her commitment to empowering women. How many? A billion. By when?

By 2020.

It is easy to see why her idea is the one thing to look forward to in the future.

Dedicated and driven, Vanderveldt is the founder of Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020), a global mentor program offering connections between women and entrepreneurship, with global mentorship and company

executives from around the world.

In addition to running EBW2020, Vanderveldt is also part of the United Nations Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. There's no question that she is one focused woman who is ready to create global change. Her list of qualifications and accomplishments goes on and on, but the most important thing to talk about is the work that she – and her team of women and yes, men too - are doing for women, specifically through EBW2020.

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those

who empower others.” - Bill Gates

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