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Jean develops and maintains key client relationships, and brings her expertise at identifying and developing growth opportunities to PERREAULT Magazine.

She helps define long-term organizational strategic goals, identifies business opportunities and maintains an extensive knowledge of current global campaigns launched by corporations, individuals and non-profit organizations. Using her knowledge of markets and trends, she identifies new opportunities for alliances and collaborations with leading cause-based organizations, non-profits and institutions of higher learning, and corporations.

guest contributor




Gavin Burnett is a Photographer and Designer based in Manchester UK. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications such as; Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Wanderlust, National Geographic Traveler UK, Telegraph Travel, The Independent plus many commercial brochures. Gavin has been recognised with Awards and competitions wins both nationally & internationally.

Fort this issue, Gavin takes us to India where more than 30% of India’s salt is ‘grown’ on the baking expanse that is the Little Rann of Kutch. For centuries the Agariyas, or saltpan workers, have harvested the crystals by hand—the salt and sun inflicting immense damage on their health. Today, the scale of salt production is also threatening the region’s ecosystem.

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