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combining his 20 years of training in Vibrational/Energy Field Medicine and work as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist centered on Personal Transformation, Mana has emerged as leading force and visionary in the new science of Epigenetics.

This is the culmination of Mana’s Passion,

Knowledge and Teachings, where science meets spirituality. The Science of Epigenetics is a new model of how our perception of any given thing, at any given moment, can influence our brain chemistry, which, in turn, affects the environment where your cells reside and controls their fate.




World renowned Chef, José Andrés, brings his passion for the “power of food” to World Central Kitchen – a humanitarian organization that focuses on Smart Solutions to Hunger and Poverty. World Central Kitchen is hard at work “empowering the people” to be part of the solution – with focus on building “smart kitchens”, training on clean cookstoves, creating jobs, and strengthening local business.

Each month, a world renowned Chef from José's network will share a recipe.

Internationally recognized as a culinary innovator, José Andrés is a James Beard Award-winning chef.




jeff Berger, (aka "Berger"), founded Dope Den Productions in 2004. There, he set out to find emerging artists and musicians to collaborate with, push the boundaries of music and visual arts and ultimately, expose to the masses.

"Dope Den" is home to a dedicated group of artists, writers, musicians, fashionistas, tastemakers and trendsetters whose efforts have caught the attention of major corporations including: SOL Republic, Android, Blackberry/RIM, MTV, VH1, Coke, Nike, Rane, Digidesign, Sony Oxford, Garageband Remix Jampack, LRG, Diesel/55 DSL, Upper Playground and Levis.

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