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Eudoro Lolo Silvera

“ He was one of Panama ’ s greatest painters and cartoonists . He even had exhibitions abroad . Now , the country loses an emblematic artist ”, said writer Guillermo Sánchez Borbón , regarding Silvera ’ s death .

Silvera was born in May 7 ,

1916 , in David , Chiquirí
Province , and died at the age of 94 , April 26 , 2010 . Some say he graduated from Instituto Nacional with a bachelor ’ s degree in Science and Letters . He also drew with Roberto Lewis and Francisco Vallarino in Escuela Nacional de Pintura .
“ Roberto Lewis was a stubborn . He was always in a bad mood . He often discouraged those who didn ’ t have the talent needed to be part of his group of ‘ chosen ones ’. I think he never thought I was talented . I was never part of his selected group . He worshipped Ivaldi , as well as a woman whose name I can ’ t recall .”
He was linked to the weekly newspaper Mundo Gráfico in the 30 ’ s , “ I was paid $ 2 for my first tabloid cover cartoon ”.
Silvera never took a break ; he continued studying Music and Arts in Cooper Union , and Julliard , both in NY . He performed at several concerts as a tenor voice in 1942 . After that , some say he quitted singing and went fully on painting , but continued performing at churches in order to make a living .
He lived almost a decade in New York , where he did 3 solo exhibitions from 1947 on . He was always traveling but came back to Panama . Back then , in 1952 President José Remón Cantera imposed a severe form of government .
Silvera drew several cartoons published in Arias Madrid ’ s fami- ly journals Panamá América and La Hora , where Lolo criticized directly the most-known socio-political facts at the time .
However , he didn ’ t quit fine arts . He studied engraving and lithography in Munich , with a scholarship from the Federal Republic of German , in 1962 . He had an exhibition in Paris .
He was also very committed to any kind of cultural , artistic , and musical meetings in the cities . His articles and cartoons are published and wellknown in Panama and abroad . Since the 90 ’ s , Silvera is considered as the Father of Cartoons in the country . To honor him , every 7th May the “ cartoonist day ” is celebrated .
“ I ’ m thinking about quitting , but I ’ m going to keep painting and writing . I ’ m also going to keep fighting against anything wrongful in our society in order to be united as free people .” He was in process of editing a collection of all his cartoons in a book before he passed away .
“ My job as a cartoonist is far way more important than my painting career ”, Silvera reckoned . “ I ’ ll tell you why : you can dedicate your life to art , but at the end , since art is a way of escaping and a therapy , it will inevitably put you away from reality . That is not as admirable as facing the powers that destroy our country : militaries , corrupted politicians , and so on . I ’ ve spent most of my life doing it . It ’ s my right as a Panamanian .”
“ The New York Times and current Newsweek Magazine ’ s critiques have compared Silvera ’ s paintings to Tamayo ’ s and Picasso ’ s , emphasizing similar techniques in the 3 artists , without being a copycat of the Spanish painter ”, Adriano Herrerabarría wrote .
Silvera ’ s paintings have been gladly received by the Paris Soir , Le Monde y L ’ Humanitè critiques . Moreno Galván , Spanish , also salutes Silvera ’ s artworks , comparing him with Tamayo , Lam , Guayasamín , and others .
Indeed , this cartoonist , artist , and writer passed away , but he left his works as a legacy for Panama and the rest of the world .
He published a book : Cuentos
A partir del 1ro de Diciembre
en en primera persona singular ( Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá , 2004 ), obtaining a honorable mention in Rogelio Sinán Central-American Literature Award 2003-2004 . He also won other prizes : 2nd place in Concurso Internacional Sinfonía de París , in Bogota 1950 . 1st and 2nd place in Ricardo Miró ’ s painting contest , and last but not least , the Rogelio Sinán Central-American Literature Award in 2002-2003 , by his unpublished novel , El doctor .
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