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NOTA CENTRAL ENERO DE 2018 P anama will be turned, once again, into The City of Jazz. From January 15 until 20, 2018, the city will be cele- brating the XV edition of the Panama Jazz Festival, one of the most impor- tant summer events in the country, under the slogan “From the heart of Latin America to the World.” Over the lasts 15 years, the suc- cess achieved by the Panama Jazz Festival shows no less than the growing interest in the event by peo- ple of all ages. A wide audience will be enjoying the great spectacle with magnificent performances by the music groups supporting the event, created in 2013 by the Danilo Pérez Foundation. The musical event represents “a new social, cultural, economic mo- del, based on the idea that music pre- vents us from violence, puts an end to extreme poverty circle, social inequa- lities, and other problems present in today’s society, in order to create a sustainable and equitable society in Panama.”, said Patricia Zárate, exe- cutive manager at the festival. “In the long run, we hope the festival model expands not only to Latin American countries, but also to the rest of the world. In addition, we hope there’s an expansion in the social development platform that it has been working on so more people benefit from the event. That way it will be possible helping with the de- velopment in the outermost regions of Panama’s capital city.” Danilo Pérez agreed with his staff that Casco Antiguo and La Ciudad del Saber, located in Clayton, will host the event in 2018. There will be plenty of activities such as concerts, symposia, music workshops, and the promotion of education programs so Chucho Valdés P anamá Jazz Fest: Wayne Shorter Quartet 15 years of melodies for the soul and heart A rtists of different genres , from various countries of the world , will meet again in our country to provide a repertoire of sound melodies XV version of the P anama J azz F estival , which has a legal framework based on L aw N o . 312, wich establishes this event , and that it will begin to be effective on J anuary 2018. in the as the public can participate and win scholarships to study in America’s Berklee College of Music or in New England Conservatory. Los Patrones de la Cumbia, Samy y Sandra Sandoval will put some of the Latin Twist to this event, while stars like the Cuban, 9-time Grammy winner Chucho Valdés, Brazilian jazz songwriter Luciana Souza, American pianist and composer Ran Blake, and many others, will be in charge of har- monizing and playing beautiful, exqui- site melodies during the festival. Gala Concert and Closing During this meeting, emotions will melt along with the musical notes in both the stage and the heart and soul of the public. It also will be celebrated a gala night in Centro de Convencio- nes Atlapa on January 17, 8:00 pm. On the occasion, Danilo Pérez and the quartet Wayne Short y Orquesta will delight the public with their music, to- gether with other special guests such as Bill Dobbins, Luciana Souza and Samy y Sandra Sandoval. To close with a flourish, as every year, there will be an open-air closing concert, in La Ciudad del Saber quadrangle, the very last day of Panama Jazz Festival on January 20, 2018, from 3 pm to 9:30 pm. You can’t miss it! Beneficios : La vas a querer Usar!! Suma puntos Obtén descuentos minimo punto Por cada Balboa que consumas Cash Back, Canje por premios Descuentos en comercios 13